Gula AirTag Holder

Kleur: Black
Sale price$9.99


Our silicone AirTag holder for dogs is the perfect accessory for your faithful four-legged friend. This holder is designed to protect and attach Apple AirTags (not included) to your dog's collar. The sturdy silicone material makes the AirTag holder durable and keeps the AirTag well protected from scratches, drops and other mishaps. The silicone AirTag holder is easily attached to your dog's collar using a sturdy buckle. This keeps the AirTag firmly in place and is easy to remove when needed. The holder is available in different colors so you can find the perfect match with your dog's collar. With this AirTag holder, you can let your dog loose on a walk with peace of mind. Should your dog get lost unexpectedly, you can use the Apple Find My app to find your dog quickly and easily. With the silicone AirTag holder for dogs, you'll never have to worry about your four-legged friend's safety again. AirTag Holder Specifications. Material: Silicone Size: maximum width of the collar is 25mm

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