Brilliant Salmon Oil 10oz

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Salmon oil for dogs and cats gives your pet’s coat a glossy sheen and its tasty fresh flavour helps improve appetite.

  • Rich in all 21 omega fatty acids: Our salmon oil for dogs contains 7x more goodness than other fish oils thanks to our patented process. It’s rich in EPA, DHA and DPA. These vital nutrients keep your pet’s coat soft, joints supple, helps with itching, & supports overall health
  • Great taste, fresh smell, natural colour: We use only the freshest salmon from traceable origins and process from fish to bottle within 4 hours. This results in a 100% pure and human grade salmon oil that looks brilliant and smells fresh
  • Loved by dogs, cats and all furry friends: We taste tested our product to make sure pets approve, and 100% of cats and dogs chose Brilliant Salmon Oil over others! Simply pump our salmon oil onto your pet’s meal & see the results
  • Say goodbye to itchy and dry skin: We invest in scientific studies to improve the health of your pet. The natural anti-inflammatory compounds within our salmon oil treat moulting, manage cholesterol, soften paws, improve skin, & help arthritis
  • Free from nasties: Absolutely no use of acid treatment, solvents or chemicals, free from GMO’s, artificial additives, preservatives, or colours
  • Upcycled ingredients: From fjord to bottle, we ensure no part of the fish is wasted – in fact, we use the fresh salmon offcuts which would otherwise go to waste!
Nutritional Facts
Omega-3 Fatty Acids  14,000 mg  130 mg
   EPA  2,000 mg  19 mg
   DHA  3,000 mg  28 mg
   DPA  1,000 mg  9 mg
Omega-6 Fatty Acids  11,000 mg  102 mg
Total Omega Fatty Acids  30,000 mg  512 mg


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