Milk Thistle Tincture with Moringa & Salmon Oil for Dogs

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Made in the USA using globally sourced ingredients. Made with just four ingredients—wild Alaskan salmon oil, milk thistle oil, moringa oil and vitamin E. Simple to serve, this supplement comes with a dropper for super-easy measurement and delivery. Milk thistle oil supports vital organs like the liver and kidneys, moringa oil supports immune and brain function, and wild Alaskan salmon oil supports skin and coat health. Contains potent levels of each ingredient, with 800mg of salmon oil, 90mg of milk thistle oil and 40mg of moringa oil in each serving. The liver is a critical organ for your dog, helping with digestion, blood clotting, and toxin removal, and the kidneys help eliminate wastes for continuing good health. If they’re not working quite right, they can make your dog feel unwell, with symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, appetite loss, vomiting and more. These delicious and functional drops can help provide the added liver, kidney, immune, and skin support your dog needs.

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