Chew + Heal Stop the Scoot Anal Gland & Bowel Support

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Help your furbaby overcome his smelly and frustrating scooting problem with the Chew + Heal Stop the Scoot Anal Gland Support & Bowel Function Dog Supplement. These lip-smacking, chicken and bacon flavored chews are specially formulated to help support your doggo’s normal and healthy bowel and anal gland functions by increasing his daily fiber intake. Made with potent and wholesome ingredients—like beet pulp, pumpkin powder, rosemary extract, sunflower lecithin, dandelion root and psyllium husk–these paw-some chews will help your pup stop scooting and feel more like his regular, adorable self. Made in the USA. Digestive dog supplement fosters regular, firm stools—which helps keep your pup’s anal glands from clogging and reduces scooting behavior. Made with natural ingredients like psyllium husk, dandelion root, pumpkin, beet pulp, rosemary and sunflower lecithin. Provides a great daily fiber boost to address digestive issues that often lead to anal sac pain and swelling.

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