Chew + Heal Styptic Powder for Dogs, Cats and Birds

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The Chew + Heal Styptic Powder Dog Treatment is su-paw handy if you ever need to stop mild bleeding on your dog, cat or even bird. When you apply it topically, it helps clot blood, so it’s paw-fect for light wounds or cuts. Keep it handy when you trim your furbaby’s nails, and apply it at the first sign of blood. It’s a must-have for any pet parent, veterinarian or professional groomer. Made in the USA. Helps to quickly clot blood, a must-have for your first aid cabinet. Often used on chipped, cut or broken nails to stop mild bleeding. A fast-acting treatment you can do from home. Su-paw easy application is paw-fect even for fidgety dogs, cats and birds.

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