California Dog Kitchen - Beef & Quinoa Tub 1lb

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The best option for picky dogs. Made with organic quinoa.

Complete & balanced for all life stages.


Beef (lean ground, liver, kidney, spleen), organic quinoa, organic sweet potatoes, organic zucchini, organic kale, spinach, apples, cold-pressed sunflower oil, seaweed calcium, dicalcium phosphate, sea salt, cod liver oil, nutritional yeast, vitamin E, manganese, zinc, organic kelp powder.


1400 Kcals/kg

318 Kcals/cup

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 12% | Fat: 9.1% | Fiber: 0.6% Moisture (max): 67%

Calcium & Phosphorous 

Calcium (dry matter %) — 1.37 Phosphorous (dry matter %) — 1.06
Ca:P ratio — 1.29:1

  1. Store frozen.

  2. Defrost in fridge.

  3. Use within 5 days of defrosting.


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