Gula Dog Harness - Sand & Green

Size: L
Sale price$50.99


Our GULA dog harnesses are designed for both owner and dog; elegant design, functional & sturdy materials and a comfortable light fit for the dog. Quality is our top priority, it is in everyone's interest that our products are made from the best materials with qualitative properties such as; sturdiness, durable, and rustproof materials. Materials: - Polyester (air-layer fabric) - Nylon - High quality nylon strap (very sturdy) - Solid brass fittings (does not rust, antibacterial) Dog harness applications: - Three connection points for your leash, including one on the chest with an anti-pull correction function - Unique and eye-catching design - Sustainable - Easy to clean - We recommend hand washing the harness/harness with mild soap and warm water. Lay flat to air dry.

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