Enrichment Feeder

Color: Sage Green
Sale price$26.99


Elevate your dog's mealtime experience with our enrichment feeders. Designed to promote healthier, slower eating, these mats bring peace of mind to you and a tranquil belly to your dog. Transform ordinary meals into mindful moments of enrichment and connection. Slow Food Area: perfect for enjoying dog food, tasty beef jerky, and yummy pet snacks at a relaxed pace, ensuring your furry friend's good health. Licking Mat Area : perfect for peanut butter, yogurt, and organic pumpkin. The bumpy surface adds fun to snack time, turning it into an exciting adventure. Product Dimensions: 11"x2.5"x1.4". Features: -Strong suction cup base with quick release tabs -Food grade silicone -BPA free -Freezer friendly -Microwave safe -Dishwasher safe

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