All Four Paws The Original Comfy Cone - M

Color: Black
Sale price$33.99


The original, patented Comfy Cone is a great alternative to hard plastic cones. The soft e-collar helps pets heal from surgeries, hot spots and allergy flare-ups by preventing access to sensitive areas. Pets can walk, eat, sleep and play in comfort! It features: - Foam-backed, padded nylon. - Opaque inner surface for fewer shadows & distorted views. - Reversible inside out & from upright to around shoulders. - 3 sizing strips & elastic loops at the neck. - Tight hook & loop closures. - Removable plastic stays to adjust rigidity. - Easy to clean, water-resistant materials. - Reflective edge for safety. As with all medical devices, pets should be supervised and use only authentic, new products. For the first order, we require a minimum order of 12 pieces, in any combination of sizes and colors. We do not have a minimum quantity for reorders. We have a Minimum Advertised Pricing policy in place for any products sold online. You can find it at

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