Messy Mutts Square Forage/Snuffle Mat 16" with Suction

Sale price$28.99


Engage your mutt...stimulate their instincts. Encourage your mutt's natural foraging skills with this interactive puzzle. Make mealtime or treat time fun, while keeping your pet occupied! Features: - The intricate layered design creates a perfect place to scatter and hide your pet's favorite treats or kibble. - The 16" x 16" mat has 6 integrated suction cups help secure the mat to the floor. - Multiple fabric barriers and compartments make finding food a challenge, engaging their minds and natural instinct to sniff and forage, while slowing their intake. - Spread your mutt's favorite snack over the integrated and removable silicone lick mat with suction cups. Challenge your pet further by freezing their favorite spread. The groove design traps food, encouraging the therapeutic benefit of licking. Care: Machine wash fabric in cold water. Dryer safe. Hang dry recommended. Silicone lick mat is dishwasher and freezer safe. Compatible with the Messy Mutts Triangle Lick Mat (MM076CG)

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