Major Darling Odor Neutralizing Candle

Scent: Cedarwood Sage
Size: 11 oz glass vessel
Sale price$31.99


Our odor neutralizing candles are packed with stink-fighting essential oils in four scent options to leave your space smelling clean and fresh. Steam distilled pet-safe essential oils are chosen specifically for their odor neutralizing properties, so you're doing more than just masking up smells. Our candles are carefully blended in premium soy and coconut wax, with no synthetic fragrances. Our 11 oz size features a double wick for more scent throw, ideal for larger rooms. Shipped in cardboard boxes for safety (not meant for display.) Cedarwood Sage: A clean, naturally fresh scent inspired by our shampoo bar. Cedarwood / sage / cypress / bay leaf Lemon Verbena: A citrus base with light herbal notes. Lemon verbena / lemongrass / ginger / thyme Cypress Patchouli: Woodsy and rich with light herbal notes. Cypress / patchouli / vetiver / black pepper Lavender Grapefruit: Calming aromatherapy with proven ingredients. Lavender / grapefruit / Roman Chamomile

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